Notepad Doodles: All The Time

While I spent some time away from home recently I had a fun time drawing lots of stuff on notepad pages because I felt the urge to doodle very strongly. I feel like I haven't drawn with such a thin pen in so long, so that was nice, and it was good to just draw some things and be delicate but all wobbly at the same time.

I have my specific modes for being creative and drawing things and writing things in particular ways as part of a routine, but I love reminding myself that all I actually need to be creative is a way to draw and write. Any old notepad and pen is enough. I love to draw with particular pens or write in a certain style or way, but restricting myself can be really encouraging and remind me that I can still explore and be inventive and have fun and express myself without routines and particular equipment and doing things a certain way.

So I think these pages are a good representation of how little is necessary for me to express something and create something that feels fundamentally 'me'. Just draw some stuff! Just write some stuff! Just think some stuff!

I am just a big piece of paper who loves potatoes.

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