Hair Clips & Pencils

I was rearranging some things absent-mindedly and just kinda looking at stuff and thinking about all the things I have and all the places I keep them in, and I thought I would make some nice compositions of things on my scanner bed and try to create a sense of connection between the items and a sense of collective emotion and narrative. Or something like that.

The hair clips up above are so rarely used, but I think they're so cute and I would love to be a cute hair clip person. I'm just not exactly sure how.

I keep a super crumpled picture of Elliot in my card case, I think because I love when people have torn, folded, or otherwise worn out photos in movies. I need to have a poorly kept photo with me. For character. There's my business card too, and my very useful little fluffy bag, and a roll of film. Important objects.

My mum gave me some very pretty colouring pencils for Christmas, which I keep on my bookshelf in a jar. They sit near a box with a bunch of zines and some stamps. I always think stamps are quite nice to look at. Not as nice as my pencils though.


  1. I love this concept and your use of your scanner. That's so sweet about the crumpled photograph.

    xo Sinead Odessa


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