Animal Crossing Journal #25: Lottie & Lionel

Welcome back to Boy, the picturesque Animal Crossing: New Leaf town with a lot of flowers, and currently a lot of snow. Here's a snapshot of Molly and I having a rest in front of Berry's house. Life is good.

I have gone for this snazzy captain look, with an added crown so that everyone knows I mean business. Sadly, our good old friend Alfonso (seen here in a beautiful framed photograph) has now moved away from the town, although we do have a new lion villager who I will introduce shortly.

My dear friend Lottie came over to visit and she kindly brought a basket of perfect cherries with her as a gift. She is very smart and cool and all the villagers welcome her.

I decided to go and visit my cute owl husband who is always asleep. Oh Blathers, I love you. He loves me too, I'm pretty sure. One day I will complete the museum exhibits, just for him. One day.

And this is our stylish new villager, Lionel! I have to say, his house is really beautifully decorated. He's pretty great. We're going to be excellent friends.

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