Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Journal #2

Welcome back to Happy Home Designer, where I am designing more homes! Filling them with plants and stuff like that! Good!

I put some nice bears out in the garden here, because what's nicer than being greeted by some happy bears when you enter or leave a house? Nothing, that's what.

I also helped with some bunny/polka dot decoration for a certain spotty bunny. Obviously all bunnies want bunny-themed stuff in their houses. They're very self-interested. That's okay. I admire it. I want a balloon the shape of my head to wave gently around in my living room forever too, if I'm honest.

I am really enjoying creating the shops and town facilities. Isabelle asked me to set up a shop, so I made a nice plant shop with lots of tiny trees for sale.

I'm so pleased with myself.

I also made a cafΓ©. The curtains are really nice in here.

After I'd exhausted myself constructing facilities and cute shops, I bumped into Alfonso walking around in the rain. I couldn't resist working on his vision for how he wanted his house. We are on the same level, artistically.

I moved him into a beautiful woodsy area filled with pine trees, and I put some simple lamps outside to mimic stars. It's a little bit odd, but I think it's cute. He can stargaze all he wants with this telescope too.

I love Alfonso and I hope he likes his house. I'm going to go over there all the time and try to find a new star.

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