An Ode To The Sky

Every so often I have to take sky pictures because the sky is perfect and amazing and deserves endless attention. So here are some photos of the recent sky, looking very blue and simple and great. And full of clouds. I think my life should be more sky. I should look at the sky more. The sky should come down here and plait my hair.

I don't mean to be twee, but I just feel all the feelings about the sky and the trees and general outdoorsy nature stuff and I owe a lot to the Earth and I want to express that a lot and all the time. Nothing is like being outside and seeing the sky and stuff. I feel all the passion of the world around me. All of it! I have some very specific memories of seeing tiny tree branches blowing in the breeze like a beautiful scene from an anime and it's very important to me. 

Cool things about the sky:
  • It's good and pure
  • It supports you in your endeavours and mental well being
  • It loves classical music
  • It likes teddy bears
  • It made you a hot drink, here you go


  1. Your right we should be looking at the sky more often just for a sense of peace and a sort of silent reminder that there bigger things that matter than us. I feel not many people look at the simple things around them and enjoy/appreciate it. Nice post, funny and simple! Loved it check me out too


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.