yellowbluepink @ Wellcome Collection

I went to see Ann Veronica Janssens' 'yellowbluepink' two days after Christmas, and it was just as magical as I'd expected. You queue up for a while (I was waiting about twenty minutes) near some ominously glowing pink light coming through two panelled doors, and then you are ushered through the doors to enter a room of mist. The mist is lit throughout the room by yellow, blue, and pink light, which gives the installation its name.

It's somewhat disorientating to be in mist thick enough to almost obscure your own feet. I felt a very mild dip in my sense of balance, which was weird but actually quite pleasant. It was just like being inside a dreamy cloud. I was with Elliot and we did a lot of giggling and momentary disappearing from each other, but I bet this thing feels quite different if you're visiting it alone.

We joked about Silent Hill and what might happen if someone was in there dressed as Pyramid Head. A terrifying thought.

When we left we had to feel our way along the walls to find the entrance again. We knew to head towards the pink light, so it wasn't too challenging. Going in or out of the installation involves a heavy plastic curtain, which works with the double doors to create a sort of airlock to keep the mist in (a mistlock).

It's such a nice little dreamland. I wish I could live inside it, or have a room of mist to relax in at home. It's the sort of thing that would be good behind a secret, ancient door.


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.