Warm Gang

I guess I got fixated on warm colours again because there's so much red and orange in these notebook pages. When I'm using up the last of a paint blob I like to paint some lazy shapes and make them into something later with a pen. It's nice to combine paint and pen and think about their space together (they love each other).

I like to think that the people I draw are smart and wistful and romantic. They have a lot of flowers in their vicinity and floating around them. I'm gonna say that everyone in this post is a gang of friends. They all like to hang out and annoy each other.

At least three of them are acutely worrying about something. Not too much, but maybe just enough (I pretty much wrote that sentence purely to reference Fifth Harmony).

They are the warm gang, because they're made of warm colours and are sensible about making sure they bring enough warm and comfortable clothes with them at all times. That's important.

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