The Full Notebook Project: Kiss Kiss

I was given a bunch of old unused and partially used notebooks that my boyfriend didn't want recently (a thrilling gift), so I thought I'd use one of them for a quick and fun project. A project to fill the whole thing up as quickly as possible. I am just loosely drawing things on each page without thinking about it for even a second, and it is the best.

It will still take me some time to finish the whole notebook, although you definitely could try to do it all at once if you were feeling dedicated. I'm going for a more laid back approach because it's nice to draw in a relaxed manner whilst watching TV. Although I'm drawing quickly, I'm not rushing.

It feels great to lose your drawing inhibitions. I know I don't really have many drawing inhibitions, but they tend to be somewhere, lurking, peering, building up on things. That's not a bad thing, because it allows me to make judgements and learn things, but it's nice to get some artistic exercise for your mindless side. That teaches me stuff too.

Most of all though, it makes me feel so good. The act of drawing like this and then when I've suddenly got a notebook full of scribbly felt tip goodness. As much as I try to steer myself towards carefree creativity, I definitely end up being precious about notebooks and journals that look smart or neat or cute sometimes, so it's good practice to get into a cheap and/or beat up notebook once in a while. This one actually has a hole through its centre for quite a few pages and that's fine.

My favourite drawings from this first batch are the "I love to kiss kiss" page and the page with the brown house and flowers.


  1. This is such a good idea. I might have to steal it. Also, I love your drawings.

    1. Thanks, and please do steal it, that was fully my intention! :-)


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