Spells: Some Feelings I Have About Instant Messaging

I find Facebook kinda clunky and weird and I tend to ignore it a lot, but I find that sometimes the messenger is really handy. I particularly use it to talk to my boyfriend when I'm finding something a bit difficult to express in voice words for some reason, or if I want to send him a link real quick, or if I have the burning desire to communicate via adorable Pusheen stickers.

It's funny thinking of Facebook messenger as a long-standing part of my life, but it's been there for a while. I must have made a lot of plans and complaints and jokes in there over the years, but now I mostly use it sporadically to send owl gifs to my boyfriend and to say hey to my cousins. I'm not mourning the old memories though, because it feels more relaxing this way.

It makes me miss MSN Messenger though, because that thing was my life for years. That was so impactful for me because it was the thing all my friends used as angsty teens. I probably had Papa Roach and Fall Out Boy lyrics as my status messages. Those were the days. I still catch myself wanting to type '(y)' in response to people on Twitter every so often (for the uninitiated, typing that would show a thumbs up icon on MSN). MSN was life, MSN was love.

I'm also really happy that Tumblr has a messaging system now, because it makes it much easier to talk to people quickly, and the layout is really cute, and there's nothing to signal to people that you're online. Mostly I'm just a lot of feelings about instant messaging right now. Regardless of which platform used, instant messengers create a certain kind of living poetry, and I love them for that.


  1. I was just talking to my boyfriend about MSN recently too! It is so weird to look back and think of all the cringy things I did. Like the "Listening to Evanescense now" statuses. :p
    I also wrote an article for school once about the language in different mediums. It is really interesting how one smiley can mimic the tone of the message. I certainly remember (y).

    Girl Against Oleka

    1. I'll always love Evanescence deep within my heart tbh :'-)


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