Never Shutting Up About Totoro

Totoro is such a bright, grinning imp of inspiration. My Neighbour Totoro is by far my favourite Studio Ghibli film. It's most comparable, I think, with Princess Mononoke, because of its forest spirit theme. Whilst I definitely have time for the brooding darkness and rage of Princess Mononoke, My Neighbour Totoro replaces that with this giddy, slightly eerie, and surreal humour. That's what I love most of all. The grin. The strange magic. And the near-constant vibe of being sort of on the cusp of calamity, but in a strangely removed way.

Totoro is a spirit of confusion and curiosity, of visceral satiation, of wonder at all beautiful little natural things, and of all the magic of childhood imagination. That is why I find him such a treasure and an inspiration. In a way he is like a real guide and spirit to me. I feel like he is such a great reminder and symbol of life, and living, and all the things I really care about most. Like good sandwiches, and picnics, and making funny faces. Totoro embodies a lot of really important and pure qualities to me.

I also feel like the theme of care is so apparent in the film. Totoro takes care of the children, and they take care of him. The forest and its dwellers have this beautiful relationship of curious love and exploration together. There is a community through the leaves and an atmosphere of generous mutuality and fun. It's the greatest.

In complete seriousness, Totoro is a huge influence and a great reminder for how I want to live my life: eating a big leaf and grinning.


  1. Totoro is my favourite. He always reminds me that being smiley and eating well are the best ways to live! :)

    Whiskey Jars Blog x


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