Magazine Collages: Classical & Greyscale

I completely forgot I had an issue of the Evening Standard hiding in my drawer, but I found it and destroyed it. I found a painting in a full page advert for the National Gallery and that was perfect for collaging with. There's something about taking classical paintings and doing something weird to them. I'd also quite like to dress in such a cherubic, mythical fashion. Lots of draping and translucency. Other good things: sections of bodies, Christmas tree biscuits.

I really like the colours in the painting and the greyscale of some of the photos as a contrasting detail. Greyscale portraiture is so great and gives such a particular sense of depth. I'd like to try more photographic projects that use that beautiful black and white. Maybe I should get some more black and white 35mm film. It's been a while since I shot with it.

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