Journal: Scribbles & Floating Cats

Continuing in my scribbly journal, there are scraps of paper (I like torn edges), a bit of sloppy paint, and a lot of biro scribbling. There's nothing like scribbling with a biro. It feels like what biros were meant for, and it makes the page feel all flimsy and indented and I find that very satisfying. I'm a big fan of biros for that reason.

The sad thing about painting directly into my journal is that I then have to wait for it to dry before I can do something on the next page. It's the worst. I'm way too impatient for this. When I do this, it's probably because I'm about to stop working on my journal, so I know I'll be okay with leaving it to dry.

I got really into doing a lot of long, connected, wiggly lines. They're fun to make and they look kinda impressive because you've clearly committed to the scribbling lifestyle.

I could do these for a really long time.

I used my scented felt tips here, and I'm really fond of the green (mint) colour for some reason. It's very bright and definitely suits a floating cat.

I hope I win a scribbling award soon!

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