Journal: Scented Felt Tips

I got some scented felt tips for Christmas, so obviously I'm very pleased and delighted with life. Except that the orange one smells awful. So I guess that's whatever the opposite of a silver lining is. I will just have to bravely cope with this tragedy.

I am continuing with my 'filling up a notebook a.s.a.p.' project, but already it has become a leisurely stroll rather than a sprint. Or maybe it just feels more leisurely. Either way, doodling alongside a movie is the way to go.

Now that I have approximately one million notebooks, I kinda feel that their presence is implicitly encouraging me to draw more and be more reckless with them and splatter paint all over everything and, I don't know, stick crisp packets into them or something. It makes me want to do everything. It makes me look at everything as if it's a potential collage or drawing possibility.

I guess wanting to make as many drawings as possible every day is a good way to start the new year.

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