Diary: Recently Read Books, Homemade Crisps, & Forrest Gump

I've been reading a lot recently and I feel very good about it. I do want to maintain a reasonably consistent reading pace for as much of the year as possible and read lots of books! I finished the Welcome to Night Vale novel and whilst I love the weird, offhand humour, I felt like it was so relentless that it distracted from the actual plot (which honestly seemed quite thin). I don't think it worked that well for a novel and I feel like the universe and its style would be more suited to a short story collection that lets the mundane, ignorable oddness of the place the actual focus. It was definitely an interesting and unique read, though.

After that, I read Marissa Meyer's short story The Little Android because I wanted to get a feel for her writing before trying out her debut novel, Cinder. I'm not too sure how interested I am in various stylistic elements of the world, and I feel like it's a little bit outside of my comfort zone in some ways, but The Little Android was easy to read and it did feel emotionally compelling, so I do intend to check out some of her longer stuff soon.

When I was done with that I actually started reading the Pretty Little Liars series, and I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed it considering the fact that a lot of similarly-styled books annoy me and make me cringe, but this series is well written and reasonably mature in its handling of eye-rolling school drama.

Moving on from books, Elliot and I had such a nice time around the weekend making crisps. They are so easy to make if you can slice potatoes thinly enough, and they are so delicious without even adding any salt or seasoning. Elliot did experiment a bit with some seasoning and came up with a delicious flavour that reminded me of sausage seasoning, and we stood there frying crisps in a saucepan of oil for ages, drinking an amazing blue cocktail that he dreamed up too (gin and tonic and prosecco and something else - it sounds disgusting but it was really nice).

We also watched Forrest Gump, and amazingly I had never seen it properly before, even though I remember having a recorded-from-the-TV VHS tape of it. I think it's actually one of the greatest films ever, if not THE greatest film ever. It's so nice. And sad. And funny.

After the weekend my diary became an ode to Animal Crossing: New Leaf once again. I've been neglecting it for ages now, but it feels very nice to be tending to my town again, and it's done just fine without me. I don't mind villagers moving away any more because I know that means I get a lovely new villager soon enough, and I kinda love them all.


  1. You have such an interesting way of writing. It's very matter-of-fact and endearing. I'm planning on trying out journaling soon and your blog is a great inspiration!


    1. Thank you! Good luck with your journal :o)


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