Diary: Chocolate, Death, & Too Many Feelings About Soup

This week I have been eating chocolates and thinking about death. Really though, I probably thought about the chocolates a lot more than I thought about death. But death was definitely there. My main thought on death: I don't like it. My main thought on chocolate: I do like it. I hope you enjoyed that cultural insight.

For real though, I love when chocolates come wrapped in a cute little foil. Some very jazzy chocolates wear party dresses, probably. Good for you, jazzy chocolates. I guess lately I'm focusing on enjoying some stuff like that, and nice baths, and my super fuzzy blanket. I get these phases where I feel all grumpy and instinctively try to surround myself with lots of small and pleasant things. It helps (although there's definitely an inherent cartoonish grumpiness to my personality).

For some reason soup in a cup has been added to my list of comforting things, which is still weird to me because I really used to hate it. It's pretty nice to stop hating something though. I think I just had a bad one once and stubbornly avoided them since then. I'm glad to have now come some way away from my judgemental soup days. Not that I won't still ruthlessly judge a soup, but you know, it's not always black and white. You don't always have to completely rule out soup in a cup.

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