Cool Body Parts: Hands

Hands. Grippers. Grabbies. Clamps. Mitts. Paws. Those useful spindly claw digits which allow us to write delicate swear words on toilet cubicle doors and hold babies (at the same time if you're in a hurry). They're quite good, aren't they? I feel like if I was to become a sentient single body part, I would probably be a hand on preference. Like Thing from The Addams Family. He did alright.

I'm sorry if you lack hands by the way. There are other very cool body parts and I don't mean to put the humble hand on a pedestal. I would never seriously claim that one body part was the absolute best one, I just want to appreciate hands right now because I find them magical, but I pretty much find every biological structure uniquely amazing. And I'm also sorry if I just go on about hands too much and it's annoying. Please don't shout "calm down, hand lover" in the street if you see me. I'd prefer if you'd adopt the term "freakazoid" which I was called in middle school and found really cutesy and funny as an insult.

Back to hands - I don't know man, I just like the way they move and interact and hold things. I like how they make things as if I don't have a brain at all and they're just doing stuff on their own while I'm thinking about boybands. One thing I've always found weird though, is nail polish. I mean, I wear it sometimes, but I'm always struck by the concept of nail polish as if I am an alien just hearing about Tamagotchis and Top Gear for the first time. Imagine if there was a Top Gear branded Tamagotchi where you could hatch Richard Hammond out of an egg (I would buy it).

In summary, hands are totally cool and they're probably the next major fashion trend.

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