Blobs! In a fit of artistic restlessness I made some. They are beautiful. They are my children.

I like the way the paint colours bleed into each other, sorta like how life bleeds into life. I mean, all your life experiences blend together to make you, so even the ugly parts get warped into something new. Something like that. Not that blobs have lives or personalities, but y'know (no offence to any blobs out there reading my blog).

I like that blobs and colours and shapes can be metaphors for all sorts of things, though. Blobs can be anything you want. They're really pretty great and I think we should all be thanking them. So on behalf of people everywhere, thanks blobs. I appreciate you.

One day perhaps technology will have advanced so that I, too, can become a beautiful and soothing blob. Until then, I will just have to make them instead.


  1. What a beautiful perspective on blobs and on life!

    Such a great post!

    Take care,
    C |

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for your blob appreciation! x


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