Appreciating My Hair

In light of my recent thoughts about my perception of my hair over time, I thought I would do a little documentation experiment for examining the way my hair looks naturally. I have pretty much always hated heat styling, but I often curl or wave my hair overnight in plaits or buns. It's easy to get caught up in trying to do that all the time, so I decided to purposefully air dry my hair and just appreciate its natural look for a while.

I find ponytails really satisfying because I love the feeling of my ponytail moving around, especially at its current length. They make the back and sides of my head look great. For the purposes of this blog post, I took photos without brushing my hair. This probably works best for my ponytails because I think they look nice when they're a bit messy.

When I do brush my hair it just flattens and smooths it out a bit, but I wanted to avoid even that in order to pinpoint the beauty of completely untouched hair. There is such a mountain of possible ways to style or change your hair, but I think it's important to appreciate what you look like when you haven't done anything to it.

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