Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Journal #1

Well, it's finally time to start my career. I've always had a flair for organising ornaments, so what better suited job could there be but that of an interior designer? Decorating my home was probably my favourite element of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, so of course I had to get Happy Home Designer to further my endless desire for digital furniture arranging.

The game pretty much throws you right into the action and tells you to put some rugs down immediately, so I obeyed. I also gave Goldie here some very cute mint-coloured glasses. Putting glasses on dogs is always a good idea.

I decorated a bunch of homes, and as you can tell, I'm a fan of classic furniture and wood panelling. And hanging baskets. Hanging baskets everywhere.

It wasn't long before I was designing a classroom in the town's new school, so there's a lot of rapid career progression here!

I sat in on a lesson for a while.

And can we talk about how cute Lottie is? Look at her. I love her. Honestly, any character with a bun has my heart.

I also like to get comfortable on the job.

The way you change clothes is very cute too. I like the work blazer, but I gotta customise my look to be the cutest home designer around.

My actual favourite thing, however, is my ability to drag the animals around in a terrifying, gravity-ignoring manner. Everyone will go exactly where I want them to, thanks to this god-like power.

Lastly, here's a nice picture of me and my new sheep girlfriend. We are bonding whilst asleep. That's the best way to bond with me.


  1. Oh my gosh, wow, too cute



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