20 Seconds

I wanted to make some scans specifically to lace together in video form, as I've done before in my 'Dominoes' music video. I just wanted to make a quick video 'scanner adventures' experiment to test out the specifics of scanning in 16:9 and the physical space that would translate to on the scanner bed. The video is just twenty seconds long, but features a hundred scanned images. I picked out eight of my favourite frames here, because one thing I like a lot about this project is being able to present and appreciate it in both moving and still forms.

Making enough scans to animate a video can take a lot of time, but the atmosphere of a scanner animation is a magical little thing. I like it a lot. I also made some gentle, spooky audio for this video, which is evocative of distant rain and thunder somehow. At least, that's what I hear.

There are lots of elements of this I like, particularly the warping, the gentleness of movement, and the dark and wispy visual theme. My favourite thing, though, is the general vibe of calm. It feels so calm to watch this. It feels like such a nice representation of me. I'm the shadows, and the distortion, and the shifting frames.

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