Visiting The Burrell Collection

Elliot and I went to Glasgow's Burrell Collection recently with my cousin and her boyfriend. We spent the whole day there, taking the occasional break to sit and lie down on their very comfortable seating. The whole place is laid out really nicely - I don't think I've ever been somewhere that was this linear. There were lots of cool things, including ancient Greek and Syrian pottery, mixed suits of European armour, and ancient Chinese plates that wouldn't look out of place in Ikea. My favourite part was the art gallery, which reminded me of the Tate Britain.

I spent most of my time following Elliot around and annoying him by taking photos of him on a level only matched by the most shameless paparazzi. The lighting in the art gallery space was really nice and I loved the gentle green of the walls to photograph against. I absolutely love pictures of people in art galleries, so whenever I am in one I want to take a million pictures.

We were pretty much the last people to leave the place, and apparently staff were lingering behind us, desperately hoping we were going away soon. I can't say I noticed, but by that point I was in a haze of museum exhaustion that may have been enhanced by all the incredible Irn Bru merchandise in the gift shop.

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