Various Things I Am Thinking About

Here are some pictures of me in my bedroom. As you can clearly see by my expressions, I am having many in-depth thoughts about everything very important, like stripy socks/unexpected itches/memories of joining new websites that are now five hundred years old. All of these topics are, of course, the subject of their own journals and academic fields, but I just like to casually muse on them whilst smoking a bubble pipe (that's a lie, because I don't own a bubble pipe, but I should).

Website History

As always I've been thinking about writing online, and all the websites I have been a part of over the years. I remember lots of good times on Habbo Hotel, Bebo, Myspace, Livejournal, Quizilla, etc. I find this topic so fascinating because you get these moments like when you go to the shopping centre in town and you haven't been there for ages and all the shop fronts are different and you have a mini quarter-life crisis outside Greggs as you sob into a doughnut thinking about that weird shop that used to sell wooden giraffe figures that you never thought you'd miss. The landscape changes so much and you find yourself nostalgic about the digital aesthetics of 2006. I am happy that time travel and do-overs don't exist, but I think it would be pretty nice to re-do 2006.

Hair Scrutiny

Another topic is my perception of my hair. If I have any criticism for it these days, it's that it seems naturally flat and lank compared to other people's, but I realised the other day that ten years ago I pretty much thought the opposite. Back then pretty much all the other girls at my school straightened their hair everyday to achieve that hanging spaghetti look, and whilst my hair was essentially straight, it had some kinks and waves. That was enough for me to think my hair was officially The Worst Hair™. I tried straightening it, but it never held for more than five minutes. I was doomed. My mistake (then and now) has been not just comparison, but comparison of my natural hair to hair that has been forced into place by a really hot thing. What a fool I have been.

Moving Day Every Day

The final topic I will pluck from the big pic 'n' mix bag of topics is organisation. Yes, that's right, I love slightly altering the positions of things to make them look neater. It is an unmatched and unique thrill. I love to move things. I also enjoy looking at things and imagining how I can arrange them. It's a very exciting and passionate life I lead. I can feel your jealousy radiating through the wi-fi.


  1. Haha, this is the greatest post! Pretty neat that you have the ability to feel jealousy via wifi, I'm pretty jealous of that ability. o; Love your writing style as well. (:

    Lots of Love,
    Manpreet | Simply-M

    1. Thank you! Can you stop being jealous please. It's tickling me.


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