Top 10 Posts ☆ 2015

Here's a round-up of some of my favourite blog posts of 2015. This has been my first full calendar year of everyday blogging, so I have 367 blog posts to choose from (not including this one, of course - the final post of the year). As a result, these are not definitive favourites, but just a selection of posts that I am particularly happy with for one reason or another. I hope you enjoy a little bit of reminiscing on the year and I am excited for all the posts to come in 2016.

1. 30 Fun & Creative Blog Post Ideas

I made quite a few list posts this year, and I like this one a lot because I can go back and read it and get some inspiration and motivation from old ideas. I think the best possible way to get ideas is to, uh, write down and remember ideas. It carries on and on until you are swimming in ideas and you have to construct a float of ideas to navigate to the ladder of ideas so you can leave the pool of ideas and shake off all the idea droplets. Or something.

2. Sneaky Ways To Become A Famous Blogger

These are some 100% true and brilliant tips for getting online fame (you have to hold it very tight). As you can see, I have followed all of my own advice and I hang out with Kylie Jenner every day. We eat Kit Kats and play steel drums together. I am better than her at the steel drum, but she will never admit it.

3. Collaging Experimentation: 1000 Worlds

This is a nice collage post which I'm fond of because it was a very cathartic and good time and I love the destruction of magazines a lot. It was nice to dedicate a journal specifically to collage, and this is a reminder to myself to dedicate some time and space to this kind of collage every so often.

4. Lilllllllllly

This is a post about my name. I liked writing this a lot and examining closely an aspect of myself which I hadn't really given a lot of conscious thought to before. It turns out that I have a lot of subconscious feelings about my name.

5. My Feelings Expressed Via Glitter Text (The Truest Art)

This post discusses my journal, and explores the endless beauty of glitter text. That's really all you need to know. Never neglect glitter text.

This year has been full of creative stuff and fun and delicious soup, and I hope 2016 will be too. You can also check out my favourite posts of 2014 here if you want.

Happy New Year!

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