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Rain is nice sometimes in cute little droplets and lines being pushed along car windows as they move. I like watching windows with ant farm lines and paths of rain travelling across them. I like rain making momentary craters in ponds and rivers. I like watching sleet come down in front of street lights at night. Yeah, there are lots of good rain experiences to have.

There is a nice sleepiness to watching the rain when the sun goes down, or after dark. Obviously it's primarily nice if you are inside in a warm place where you can watch the rain without getting rained on, but sometimes a walk through the rain is pretty great. Sometimes I like to go out in the pouring rain and get soaked through and it's like you are being DESTROYED or BORN or something. Mostly though, I don't, and it's just rain, and I watch it travel across glass, or run down drains. The rain is trying to broaden its horizons.

Rain reminds me I am home wherever I go, because I will always be in my body. I will always be below the rain, near the rain, or subject to the rain in some form. Watching it and waiting for it. Unless one day I get to do a bit of space travel, but even then the rain will still be right where I left it, or at least somewhere nearby on the big wet orb we live on.

The rain is just another part of home.

✶✵ The pictures here were taken through my grandfather's car window as we drove around Loch Lomond. ✵✶

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