Journal: Mountains & Legs

Here are some peaceful scenes from my journal. I am getting more and more into mountains as a visual theme. They're so large and solemn and reliable. It's also nice to let loose and use some of my thickest felt tips. They feel pretty suitable for drawing mountains. Good old mountains.

I'm also really enjoying drawing dense collections of stuff. They're like inventory arrangements. Inventory: mini mountain, fried egg, lollipop, baby. Sounds about right. I always have that stuff in my inventory.

Stemming from the collection/inventory style drawings, I've been doodling some lone limbs too. Got some very satisfying rounded off arms and legs. I always owe more practice time to drawing legs. They are one of my favourite body parts of all time and I rarely devote time to them. I'm an awful leg-neglecter. Sorry, legs.

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