I am so hungry and greedy and desperate and passionate and excited and frustrated. I think about all the stuff I can do, all the creative stuff I can explore, all the little adventures I could have every day, any day, and I wanna do everything and stretch myself across the world like a big blanket.

There will always be things I haven't done though and that's fine, but I wanna do lots of things and have fun and do my best and never get caught up in agonising over things I want to do or feel like I should do. Because doing a lot of cool things is one thing, and it's a great thing to strive for, but living is more important and should be the utmost priority. The ultimate priority. And by living I mean having an enjoyable and satisfying time whilst alive, regardless of accomplishments. Because you can go on a lot of holidays and spend them racing around trying to see everything, and then get back home and need a post-holiday holiday because you exhausted trying to do what you think you 'should' do. A holiday is supposed to be all about enjoyment and doing whatever you want, but sometimes we manage to ruin designated carefree fun time by telling ourselves we have to do it this particular way. We are very silly when we do that.

My main point here is that I should be given an award for my amazing achievements such as eating a really good cheese sandwich that one time. That was good. Please give me a gold-plated trophy shaped like a sandwich for my all of my good work with sandwiches.

Really though, let's try to enjoy our lives. That's an important goal  The most important goal.

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