Diary: Dogs & Beds (The Best Things)

Here's a double edition of diary entries from all the time I was up in Scotland visiting my family. We did lots of stuff and it was fun and very dog-filled, but I am super happy and relieved to be home (especially after carrying hefty bags from the train). I am in full Christmas mode now and am typing this whilst wearing some pyjamas decorated with gingerbread men in various cosy outfits. Too snazzy for this world.

I discovered during one family dinner that I could probably eat mushroom antipasto until I burst. It is so delicious. I'm such a mushroom fiend. I love it.

Call me strange, but I quite enjoy packing. I'm pretty good at packing light and I enjoy the act of consolidating my life for a specific time frame. It's an art. Then when I'm done I throw out all my clothes and replace them with boxes of Jaffa Cakes. The one true necessity.

Going home was tiring, but good. I think they issue way too many tickets for these journeys because I find it a bit confusing and have to check my tickets so many times because I'm scared I'll lose them. Our train into London was slightly delayed, but it didn't affect us too much. The next couple of days I felt like I had to sleep all the time. Lots of extra sleep. I think even sleeping made me sleepy while we were up.

I came home to discover two advent calenders and my beautiful, glorious bed waiting for me. I wish my bed was portable and could fold up into any space. Being separated from it is the worst. Thankfully, we're reunited now, so it's all okay.

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