Diary: Christmas Mist & Friendly Geese

So, Christmas happened. Christmas definitely happened. I have more than one Minions colouring book to prove it (I am going to colour in so many minions). Prior to the actual Christmas, I watched Divergent - the film version of a book I am strongly attached to by a thick web of disgusting emotions. I think it was a pretty good adaptation, but Four looks like a muscly version of my high school science teacher, which is definitely not how I imagined him (for the record, I imagined him as a sort of cool teen Snape, but in the alternate Harry Potter universe where Snape isn't the worst and most greasy gremlin man ever born). Also, I really like Shailene Woodley. She's good.

For Christmas I got a lot of art supplies (including the aforementioned Minions colouring books) as well as Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and some other cool stuff like a little cuddly pineapple. I mean, who doesn't need a little cuddly pineapple? I'm already emotionally attached to the pineapple.

Following the Christmas time and the ensuing Christmas sleepiness, I went to see 'yellowbluepink' at Wellcome Collection and watched my boyfriend tenderly patting a goose's head at the local park. I'm glad I got to go to the exhibition because it was really fun wandering around in a room of colourful mist. As for the goose thing, I really can't comment on such a beautiful moment. Elliot is a goose dad now.

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