Cosy Cardigans ☆ OASAP

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1. Longline Cable Sweater / 2. Turtle Neck Sweater / 3. Preppy Button Down Sweater / 4. High Neck Sweater / 5. Colourblocked Mohair Cardigan / 6. Heathered Longline Cardigan / 7. Open-Knit Diamond Sweater / 8. Casual Chevron Cardigan

OASAP asked me to do a round up of some of their stock items, and as it is freezy freezy ice time at the moment, and I noticed they had a considerable amount of knitwear options, I thought I would make a mini mood board with some of those and imagine how cosy it is possible to be (I'm still working on transforming myself into a blanket so that I may live a life of neverending comfort).

There are some interesting colours here. I'm kinda a person who wants to wear light and peppy colours in the winter, and I especially like the idea of wearing lots of delightful berry-ish or fruity colours, so I really like numbers one and two here, in a nice deep red and a subtle and delicate pastel somewhere between pink and lilac. I'm getting an "I am living in a bush and eating raspberries and writing celestial poetry with my squirrel friend" vibe from those colours, although that scenario is not one I'd advise in the middle of winter.

The colourblocking of number five is another nice way to stay bright and fun in the cold. I also want to focus on all the nice textures and details here - all the knit patterns and turtlenecks and marl. I think my favourite piece overall is number two, because I really the colour, the neck looks so comfy, and I think the arm zip detail is quite a fun little addition too. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go dive into a pile of jumpers and stay there until January.

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