5 Goals For 2016

I guess there are some things I'd like to do sometime soon and it's quite seasonally appropriate to write a list of goals, what with the year end coming up, so here are some thoughts.


1. Try different ways of selling art. 

I had a pretty good time at a zine fair in November, so I'd like to try selling zines and things at some craft fairs and events, possibly. I also want to try a few different ways of selling stuff online, like selling whole journals on eBay and periodically putting new zine packages up for sale on Tumblr. I recently organised my Tumblr buy page and it feels good. Please commission me to paint dogs.

2. See more art shows.

Going on trips elsewhere always me want to do more things closer to home, and since there are lots of art events all the time, which I always enjoy, I would like to see more of them and go on some nice London outings. I have my eye on yellowbluepink at the moment.

3. Try different forms of digital creation.

I really want to make some fun, lengthier zines, and making digital zines I can do a lot of different things that I would usually do on paper. I would also like to try selling these and treating them kinda like magazines, in that I make a series of issues. I did want to try writing an ebook but I'm not too keen on the formatting and logistic issues involved - that and I don't know if all that many people are into ebooks and especially silly arty ebooks. Then there's the logistics of inserting drawings. I'm experimenting with a zine project using Google Drive's slides at the moment.

4. Use perfume more often.

I have a beautiful big bottle of YSL Opium that I've had for years. I love the scent, but for some reason I never remember to actually wear it, so I'd like to make wearing perfume a habit. I'm a smell fan - a fan of smells.

5. Keep up my current TV show consumption.

For ages I wasn't really watching anything and couldn't really get into any TV, but I seem to have fallen into a routine suddenly of trying out shows and really enjoying watching them. I'd really like that to continue, because it's so nice to follow a series along and be excited to discover what happens.


  1. Totally with you on the perfume one, I always forget!

    Amy x

    1. I think it's so nice when people always associate a smell with you too. I always remember this old Boots strawberry body spray that my friend smelled of and even though they don't make it any more the memory makes me so happy!

  2. These are really good goals. Hope it all goes as you wish.

    Girl Against Oleka

    1. Thank you. Wishing you all the best too! :o)


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