3 Favourite Korean Pop Singers

I don't like to choose favourites in music too much because there's so many things to love that it means sometimes picking favourites feels limiting, but I thought it would be nice to show some appreciation for a few of my favourite kpop group members, so I chose three of them to focus on.

Screenshot from SHINee's 'Hello' music video.

1. Onew of SHINee

I love SHINee a lot, but what I like about Onew in particular is his super smiley, happy persona and expressions. The cute-o-meter is hitting maximum. I also want to mention that I love the cute baseball style he wears in this performance of View.

Screenshot from 2NE1's 'It Hurts' music video.

2. CL of 2NE1

Every member of 2NE1 is my favourite, and I think they're such a well matched group of unique personalities and strengths, but I love CL for her tough girl attitude and her perfect sneers. It's interesting seeing the attention she's getting internationally at the moment through collaborations and her solo output. So whilst I like very sweet and cutesy boys I guess I like mischievous bad girls riding motorcycles.

Screenshot from f(x)'s 'Chu' music video.

3. Amber of f(x)

Amber is very special to me because she has that perfect 'boyish' look. It's really great to see someone with her style in a girl group like f(x). She's also one of my favourites in terms of rapping style because her rapped verses fit so well into songs and her voice has that nice earthiness to it that make them feel kinda dense.


I hope they all start a supergroup together some day. With Mr Blobby.

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