Sweet Meow

These feel like the most subdued collages ever, but sometimes subdued is nice, right? I took Kurt Cobain's face and some other stuff from the October edition of NME. This is the first time I've picked up a free copy, and it seems to be going in the direction of ShortList a bit with some more focus on movies and other things. I quite like the style of it and I like the lists of albums to look out for (Grimes - Art Angels, Lil BUB - Science & Magic, jennylee - right on!) and new horror/horror-themed movies to watch (Aaaaaaaah!, AfterDeath, Estranged).

Anyway, sometimes you just need a relaxing collage time, and this is my relaxing collage time. I like that they're so flexible, so they can be really busy and messy or meticulous and unravelling or neat and simple and smooth. The things I was drawn to most in this magazine were largely different pieces of type and a little bit of sky-fllled landscape.

Sometimes I just wanna lay the sky on its side so we can both go to sleep.

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