Suffering (& Doritos)

This is not a very cheerful topic, but it's what I was thinking about as I opened a new blog post, so it's what I'm posting about. I think I must've gone through lots of stages of life telling myself life will be better if I do this or that, or once I'm [insert age here], or if the sun shines through a prism and reveals the secret code to the underworld, allowing me to get to the bottom of an age old mystery and free a ghost from its tormented past whilst feeding said ghost Doritos (because Doritos bring final peace).

The unfortunate truth, however, is that suffering is at some point inevitable and that while some things can alleviate some sufferings, there is no way to banish all of it forever from your realm. So we're stuck with stupid suffering that dances around all the fun parts of life like a creepy squirrel waiting to accost you outside the park gates.

It just gets me sometimes, that we were born to feel a heap of pain in our lives. I mean yes, there are good things and good feelings and all that, but sometimes I just feel like because pain and suffering exists at all that existence is really gross. Sometimes I actually get offended that I was born. As if I was created by some evil wizard who loves watching small children get papercuts.

It's so frustrating because I so want to be the protagonist of a novel who smashes suffering (which is probably some sort of big crystal orb) into a million pieces, but I can't, because that's not real. You just don't get to be a person without it. And sometimes I wonder what's the point of having all the good things like kittens and sunsets when they're sitting right next to suffering.

It's frustrating. Here's my vague attempt at some weird form of positivity, then. We usually like to keep quiet about it. About all the pointy little pieces of suffering that caught us. And if suffering is an inevitable part of living then maybe the best thing to know sometimes is that it's okay to be suffering. You're justified in your pain, even if it seems to come from a stupid place. You're justified in crying over spilt milk. Also, Doritos still exist regardless of you pain, if that helps at all. I should probably say that this post isn't sponsored by Doritos. I'm not sure 'suffering' is quite on-brand for them at the moment. It could be a nice marketing angle for 2016 though (call me).


  1. Your sense of humour interwoven in a serious subject matter seriously is the best thing ever. I loved this post and call me if you ever feel the urge to hurt suffering just a little bit. I'd like to do that too.

    jessica x

    1. Thank you! Yes, we can blast suffering. Take that, suffering, you big meanie!

  2. I don't know what to say... but i feel you. Also your way of writing is just so amazing :o)
    Love from Colombia

  3. This is my favourite sentence ever 'So we're stuck with stupid suffering that dances around all the fun parts of life like a creepy squirrel waiting to accost you outside the park gates.'

    Dang blast that creepy squirrel! I know what you mean, it's annoying that no matter what you do you can't dodge it. I read a really good book once that said suffering is the only thing that makes you grow as a person. Every time you suffer it should be like YAY IM GROWING, but I'm not sure how good that advice will be next time I'm in the thick of it! xxxxx

    Jesska - Opal Soul

    1. I agree that it can be that way, but on the other hand often suffering is just suffering. It's not justified or happening for a reason. It's great to be able to take positives from horrible experiences but I definitely don't think that's always reasonable or even possible.


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