Shirokuma Cafe

I haven't read any manga in a while, so I decided to check out a series that had been on my 'to check out' list for a long time, and it is just as I expected - a very cute and relaxing read. Shirokuma Cafe focuses on a cafe run by a laid back polar bear (shiro = white, kuma = bear) and some adventures and pun-filled discussions with his friends. The friends and cafe-goers featured most prominently are a lazy panda and a penguin.

Panda is my favourite character, because he is quite charming and always trying to get more bamboo or go to sleep or appear cool. I can relate (mostly to the sleeping). Each story is pretty short and often largely focused on wordplay, as Shirokuma tends to make jokes with words similar to those used in the conversations going on. Some of these make sense in English, but most don't. I like this aspect though, because the endless explanations of how the puns work in Japanese are really interesting and give this manga a different feel for me as a person reading an English translation. I like the opportunity to learn how those puns work, and I still get to enjoy them once I've read the explanation.

This is the chillest (there's a pun for you - ha!) manga I've ever read. It's very calm and sweet and funny. A very wholesome animal cafe comic that I would strongly recommend to anyone who likes bears and/or happiness.


  1. If you like pandas, may I suggest St. Dragon Girl? THe main character, Momoka, has a kind of obsession with pandas, and it's a very cute manga (though there's a lot of fighting and demons and stuff)


    1. Sounds great, I'll have to check it out! :o)


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