Red Velvet - Ice Cream Cake

Okay here's a blog post about a music video because I am not-so-secretly fascinated by the magical world of the music video. This one is by kpop girl group Red Velvet (which, if you're observant, you may have noticed is a type of cake - there's a theme here) and I love it for several reasons.

First is the 90s Shampoo-esque frolicking girl gang scenario, featuring members of the group pushing each other around in a shopping trolley whilst wearing big furry jackets with lights inside them. I also enjoy the sportsy looks and tennis skirts (a lot of this imagery and colour palette reminds me of Kayla Hadlington).

Second, how could I resist an ice cream theme? I've noticed a certain pal of mine (you know who you are) saving ice cream parlour themed things to Pinterest lately. One of them was a Charli XCX shot, and some of the style of this video definitely reminds me of her and her whole carefree 90s girl vibe.

Third, there's a huge cat. I mean, what more can I say? There's a huge cat, and it's beautiful. It reminds me of that one episode of The Goodies with the huge cat. This is art.

Fourth, the pigtails, okay? I love those fluffy pigtails. They're just so cute. Thanks, Red Velvet, for this output. I hope to see more large cats in your future music videos.

You can watch the video here.

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