Odd / Red

I found an old painting, just a landscape of red and purple brush strokes colliding into this beautiful, dark, rich colour composition. It reminds me of beetles and jewels. At the same time I found an old zine I made, full of printed webcam pictures all muted on paper and filled with soft white light and the paleness of my skin enveloped in that light. So I made these collages to put the two things together. The sweet and tender bedroom shots with the feverish blood of the paint.

I love washed out and clean and sleepy colour palettes and vibes, empty white bathrooms and gently gathered bedsheets. Grey skies and delicate candlelight. Fog and sweeping swathes of sheer fabric. But just as much as that I also love chaotic and clattering visual landscapes, shifting, looming waves and creaking planets. Angry magma and explosions and wine and velvet. I like to unravel all these things together, to see them nestled up against each other.

I see red and icy red.

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