Kaleidoscope Mood

I'm in a funny mood. That kind of mood where you feel all jumbled up and chaotic and clattering. Like a running child, or a set of saucepans falling down the stairs, or a kaleidoscope. Colours hopping over each other. Raindrops clamouring for still-dry pieces of earth to land on. I like these moods because they feel natural. They feel like a default me - excitable, a little hungry, and thinking about polka dots. I feel like some of the best and most fun art things have that feel as well.

It's a good day when I have gotten to jump about to different things without expecting them. I have a general routine, and things I want to keep up with most days, but I keep it loose. The opportunity for a little mystery is always there. So I like to find myself in strange places, literally or figuratively. I like to go camping and not know what the day will be like, and I like to be at home and read about planets, or watch a new film, or write a new story. You can write a story anywhere, though, which is good.

I guess I feel most at ease when instead of feeling like a single solid being, I feel like a bunch of pieces scattered around. Like I'm a jigsaw, and everything around me is a little extra piece I can slot in somewhere. It's relaxing. Everything is a jumble. Everything is a mess. A fun mess.


  1. You sound like me, I can relate to that funny mood as well. Hahaha
    Love this blog post!

    Vegetarian CourtesyCheesePapas


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