Grumpy Child

I have some school stories to share today. Below is a picture of me drawn by the son of the guy who ran my after school club. He drew the version on the right first and I told him it wasn't realistic, so he proceeded to draw the version on the left. Much better. The accuracy is stunning.

I loved the after school club because it gave me the opportunity to eat biscuits, play with the Fisher Price dolls house, and play a game on the computer which I think was Jet Set Willy. I was clearly very excited about biscuits during that time in my life, because I would demand more and more biscuits, and when I was refused I crafted an alternate criminal persona: The Biscuit Thief (complete with a Zorro style face mask. Somehow, this actually worked, and I operated a devastating monopoly on the consumption of biscuits during my time there. I was in my element in those days.

This was when I went to my first school, which is quaintly named Hollymount. I was only there for a year, but apparently that was a pretty good time for me. I remember our teacher giving us handkerchiefs as presents when we were leaving. I got a teal coloured one with dalmatians on it, from Disney's 101 Dalmatians.

I remember my friends and I used to play this game at break times where we would pretend to be cats. We crawled around on all fours with our fingers carefully curled in under our palms, because outstretched fingers meant you had your claws out. I also remember the time Adam Schneider asked me if me real name was Willy and I was like, "yeah."

And then there was the time when I lovingly crafted a banjo for myself out of sugar paper and fully played a half an hour concert with it on the playground to a crowd of kids and faculty members who were transfixed. Unless that was one of those fake memories that didn't really happen. Childhood was weird.

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