Diary: Zines, Messages, & Moons

You'll notice that I've stuck to a strict colour theme for each double page spread this week. That was quite fun, but I think I prefer it when all the colours amble around together. I do like the blue/purple/pink combo though.

So, Tumblr has a new instant messaging system, which I actually think is really cute. I'm not sure if it really is supposed to be an instant messaging system, as I'm pretty sure my messages don't come in instantly, but I like it. It's like instant messaging without that nervous I-must-reply-quickly feeling. It feels more like online texting to me.

In other news: I am about halfway through Andy Weir's The Martian, and it is proving very entertaining. I also went to a local zine fair on Saturday and it was lovely hanging out with some friendly faces and selling zines. I had quite a bit of anticipation built up for that, so it was nice afterwards getting to relax and watch the latest episode of The Returned and go to bed early.

After that I decided to learn things about moons so I can become an impressive moon boffin who is always talking about moons at parties. I have simple dreams.


  1. I love your diary entries! If you want to know about a friendly moon I have something for you: http://cutedinodino.blogspot.com.co/2015/11/luna-moon.html
    Haha hope you like it!
    Moons from Colombia<3<3

    1. YES I love that moon. What a nice moon.


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