Diary: Rhythm Inside

I've been thinking about my handwriting lately and wondering if I should neaten it up a bit. I mean, I like it the way it is, but maybe it would be a bit nicer just tidied up a little. I'm not thinking too hard about it. I don't want to over-engineer it. Although part of me would like to have my handwriting mistaken for a font sometimes, but that's pretty unnecessary.

I didn't want to go to sleep much of this week! I like the stuff I wrote about being excited and feeling adventurous. Reading about me being excited makes me more excited. It's an endless loop of excitement (until I get too tired and fall asleep in a patch of golden flowers). I love the feedback loop of being inspired by me being inspired. Thanks, me. No problem, me.

I have also been doing some Eurovision reminiscing, as we excitable Europeans often do once a month, sitting in front of our Eurovision shrines (Belgium 2015 forever). Today I am heading up to Scotland for just over a week, so the next diary post will be a bumper edition in two weeks. Please prepare yourself for double the sleepiness!

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