Diary: Fog World

The spooky time is over, but it was fun while it lasted. I like dressing up in costumes and going to Halloween parties, but it's also nice to be more of a bystander and watch Halloween walk past whilst eating popcorn. I think it's an excellent time to hide inside a blanket fort and watch spooky films and eat things shaped like pumpkins. I just like all the Halloween spirit around me even if I'm not doing anything particularly Halloween-y.

The day after Halloween was a beautiful fog world. I realise now that I am a massive fan of fog and I hope it comes around on another UK tour very soon. Honestly, the way everything slowly appears from the fog is great. I am fog fan number one.

Now that it's November, I'm thinking more about how this year has almost been and gone already. It always feels quick by now. It feels like I've been out of university for a hundred years rather than four months. They've been a very satisfying four months. I think this year has been a pretty good one. The years seem to feel calmer and more settled to me - at least, the last couple of years have been good. I feel like I'm home now.

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