Animal Crossing Journal #24: Dream Adventures

Long time no see from the residents of Boy! Our dear frog friend Henry has moved away from the town, and everyone's houses have expanded considerably, but nevermind that. I've been doing some travelling to the town of Vanadiel, shown above (Dream Address 7600-2381-0814). I sure do like to see a nice ring of mushrooms!

Vanadiel also has a room full of mermaid furniture, so I can pretend I am better at swimming than I am for a little while here. Nice.

Here is the usual picture of me trapped in a hole. Thankfully, Henry was there to save me at the time. I'm honestly pretty sad that he's gone, but I guess it's nice to have an opportunity to meet someone new. I will always love Henry, but I will also always love any Boy resident.

My dirt paths have been getting so precise. It's really satisfying seeing them all perfect because no one has dared to walk through the flowers. Clearly I run a punishing town when it comes to straying from the path.

I have visited Flo's modern house and I desperately tried to focus all the attention on me. Luckily, Flo is a good sport and pours lots of attention into me. She needs to make extra effort because she lives in a secluded part of town across the river.

Here's a picture of me and Octavian having a good laugh because I made a joke about being a "ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb".

Once again, Berry sits at home alone, excited for the fifth One Direction album. I feel you, Berry.

At least Berry still gets out sometimes to spend the days with her neighbours. They appreciate it.

Meanwhile, Mac and I are hanging out at home in matching Madness t-shirts because apparently mine is the house of fun and we are all welcome in it. Great.

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