10 Love Lessons From Moomins

Listen man, Moomintroll and Snorkmaiden are pretty romantic. They have their flaws and disagreements, but they can teach us a lot about love. These are the lessons I have learned so far from them:

  1. Give your partner a wooden boat. Everything will be fine then. They will be distracted by the glorious boat whilst you are being annoying.
  2. Rolling your eyes in response to at least half of all sentences is the mark of true affection.
  3. Flowers will probably spontaneously appear on someone's person if they are worthy of you.
  4. It's okay if you are lost in a cave. Don't worry about it. Take it as an opportunity to write flowery poetry.
  5. Go to the meadow on a regular basis. It's integral to maintaining any relationship.
  6. Wave your big bottom at the person you love to signify respect.
  7. It is a good plan to cook a large pot of soup for someone you love.
  8. Always be as nice as you can to ghosts (trust me).
  9. Maybe don't row away from your partner in a boat to sulk in the middle of the night for a silly reason, but I don't know, it's your call.
  10. Be very grumpy at all times. Hopefully your love interest will absorb all the grump and turn it into flowers.

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