The Moon & Sleep-Talking

I saw a thing recently, somewhere, that said that if you feel alone you should look at the moon and know someone else out there is looking at it too. I love that a lot. Celestial bodies definitely make me feel more connected to the EARTH and all the stuff on it (except Minions, I do not feel connected to Minions). The moon is good. The moon is my telephone. Sort of.

I always want to put the moon in so many stories. It hovers in my thoughts. I draw it a lot for this reason. It makes me think again that everything is about stories. Pictures are exciting because they emit a story. There is something story-like about them. They are story squares, but you have to figure out the story from what you see. My blog is also a sequence of stories. Sometimes I feel like my blog is like when I start talking in my sleep. Sometimes I talk in my sleep, but I sit up and open my eyes and talk to someone about something that doesn't make sense. And when I wake up in the morning I remember doing it, but I know I was fast asleep with my eyes wide open. It's like sleepwalking, but without the walking. Sleepsitting, maybe.

Once I was sleeping in a room with my aunt and in the middle of the night I told her "your eye looks much better". She was wearing an eye patch at the time because of an eye thing she had. I didn't see her eye at all, but I guess I surveyed it in a dream state. Another time when I was little and furiously reading Fantastic Mr. Fox (my favourite book at the time), my mum heard me one night when I was asleep crying, "the three farmers are gonna get me!" Yeah, I remember being quite intensely concerned that the foxes were about to get caught in that book, and I wanted to be one of them too.

Despite all the nonsense of those, they remind me of writing here a little bit, because I feel half asleep and in a trance sometimes when I write here. I feel like half the time I'm writing faster than I can think. I really like that, though. It feels so pure, like I've plugged a USB into my brain and I'm thinking about crow societies and what it must be like to be a crow, or the history of digestive biscuits, or my favourite German words, and that's what you're gonna read about. Like I've dived into a Pinterest full of 1990s trivia and constellation names and stuff and then I throw a few of those things at you with some annotations and a photo of me, grinning.

I think that's a good vibe.


  1. I love Moon stories! I was reading a book and the moon was the one that looked after secret lovers because they could only meet at night :)


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