Magazine Collages: Lightning & Sparkle

It's been a little while again since I've made magazine collages, so I missed slicing up pages enough to really want to do it again after picking up a bumper edition of Evening Standard Magazine recently. There are quite a few motifs I notice in my collaging, in particular the textures of hair and lace. Hair is one of my favourite textures, in print or in person. I love hair.

Collaging is such a nice little fantasy land for me. I love picking out all the nicest things to look at and imagine and bundle them together. All the purest smiles and all the coolest colours.

I put Sylvanian Families and berries in this one (above) because I have strong and clear interests, I suppose. I feel like collaging is such a concise organising of my aesthetic interests. I don't usually try to make clever images, just mood boards of things that captivate me, just a little, just gently.

So I end up with all these curves of hair strands and noses and serifs, and patterns of stripes and waves and flowers, and everything is pretty.


  1. Gorgeous styles, very cute!

    Love your blog, following on GFC & Bloglovin! Looking forward to seeing the next post! xx

  2. so cute and inspiring. xx Lita


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