Listography & How Lists Keep Me Going

Lists are so important to me. They turn me from a weird tangled up thought collection into some neatly labelled and categorised master chest of drawers with a special section just for photos of moths wearing pyjamas. I feel like around 64% of my mind is syphoned off into lists at any one time, freeing up more space for those all important snack decisions.

I keep lists on paper (daily to-do lists are a big help), but I like to keep a hub of lists on Listography because there are many lists I find helpful to keep that are either more long form or more changeable. I keep lists of films and books and music I want to check out, as well as ever-changing to-do lists. One of the most satisfying things ever is consolidating old paper lists into a nice, neat new one on Listography. I feel extra organised if I can meticulously edit my lists and store old ones without worrying about losing bits of paper.

I like keeping a general list of things I've thought of on my main page. That's my main list, the one that gets edited indefinitely as I do things and dismiss others. I keep a slightly more focused to-do list in the private lists section for things that are boring and won't get done for a while, or just things I have to remember. Otherwise, lists are more focused, and I can use them as easy inspiration boxes or to spark some inspiration or memory.

I guess lists feel like a natural extension of my brain. I know it's way too easy to lose ideas and to forget about things I need to do and then remember them in the exact moment I get into my warm, cosy bed. Writing something down means I can't forget. It's an immense power.

I also love looking at other people's lists on Listography, because it's so interesting and gives me lots more ideas and things to look at. Maybe I should make a list of lists.


  1. i totally feel you on this.i list everything and anything. xx Lita

  2. I love making lists too! They calm me down and make me feel better :)



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