Dream Spirit

I'm having an 'I don't know how to blog' moment so I'm just going to write whatever comes into my head and that will be the blog post and that's my solution to everything. This works so well sometimes, and it's nice to almost totally avoid editing my words after I write them. That keeps them as honest as they can be, and it feels refreshing and natural and good. Not that I edit a huge amount usually, but I just think it's good to strip it back a bit.

Sometimes I feel like a vessel of sleep, like a box waiting to be opened at night and for sleep to pour out. Like that's my whole purpose. I mean, we sleep so much and it feels so nice to lie down in a bed and drift off. It's obviously an important part of being alive, but sometimes I think that could be my one true purpose.

I think about sleep a lot, I guess. I just love doing it. I wish I could get a job sleeping. That's my dream. I also will probably forever wish that there was a device that could record your dreams and play them back to you. To be honest, thugh, most of my dreams are just kinda weird and I imagine if that device did exist I probably wouldn't really want to use it. Some dreams are great, but I think I prefer the dreams I have when I'm awake.

Maybe I could a walking dream. It's kind of a peaceful thought.

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