Diary: Witches & Green Tea

It's the beginning of October and I already have a head full of witchy, spooky thoughts. This year for Halloween I wanted to dress up as a traditional spook of some kind, and I settled on a witch because I love the pointy hats and I want to wear one. It was a hat-based decision. Witch hats are the best. I also kinda wanna do that thing where you cut two eye holes in a sheet and call it a ghost costume. It's unacceptable that I've never done that.

Honestly, I think Halloween is such a favourite holiday to me because it has some excellent elements of Christmas, but is much more relaxed. Besides which I have always liked cats and bats and spiders and skeletons, and the Halloween theme doesn't feel quite as inappropriate across the rest of the year as Christmas stuff. Cats and bats and spiders and skeletons are around all year, after all.

In unrelated news, I have been drinking a fair bit of green tea and rummaging through old school stuff. My salted caramel green tea does feel pretty natural to be drinking a lot of at this time of year. I also pressed a rose between some pages in the back of my diary, and its moisture seeped all the way through to this last page. A cheeky rose that just wants some attention. Well you got it, rose.


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.