Diary: Ancient Mushroom Wisdom

The darker nights are making me feel 60% sleepier than usual lately, but at least I got to wear my woolly tights and winter coat for the first time this week and I felt very cosy and warm doing so. I actually was way too warm walking down the street and had to rip off three layers because I felt like I was almost going to pass out. Maybe that means it's a little bit too early for winter coats, or maybe it means I went overboard on layers that day. Still, I've missed those fuzzy tights a lot, so I'm very pleased to be wearing them again.

Elliot and I had some nice lunches over the weekend and I felt this relaxed feeling come over me out of nowhere. It must have been the mushrooms transmitting their ancient mushroom wisdom to me. I've been daydreaming a lot about having a little house underneath a mountain and painting pictures of the mountain all day long. I don't know how to make my domestic mountain dream come true, but at least I can paint already.

Some television I've been watching alongside my mountain-based daydreaming includes camp university slasher series Scream Queens and women's prison drama Wentworth. The former feels very Halloween relevant and wonderfully cartoonish, whilst the latter is really unrealistic and harsh, but nevertheless compelling. Prison dramas always make me want to re-watch Bad Girls though.

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