25 Writing/Creative Prompts

One you grasp the idea that there are endless ideas you should be set, except that sometimes your brain is too focused on the concept of warm hash browns or a hilarious duck. That's why it's a good idea to keep an ideas bank. I am taking the opportunity now to list some prompts for my own hoard of ideas. Please feel free to pluck one out and take it for a walk.


  1.  Hand prints. Hand prints coming to life, gaining sentience, and hunting down the hands that made them.
  2. Your drink has some rude things to say about you.
  3. Crying. Crying is art. Don't question me on this.
  4. Vicars dancing.
  5. Your favourite fictional character paints a picture. Possibly a stereotypical fake children's one from a horror movie.
  6. Spooky ghosts.
  7. Forest spirits are your real parents.
  8. Everything is secretly a sunset.
  9. Celebrities crying in basements.
  10. That thing on your leg.
  11. Skies aren't real, I'm pretty sure.
  12. Tell stories about children you were friends with a thousand years ago.
  13. A time you screamed.
  14. Getting lost.
  15. Scooping up leaves.
  16. Why are you still holding on to that thing?
  17. Predict some future technological developments.
  18. How often do you cry?
  19. Do a survey on people's favourite socks.
  20. Get your grandparents to do a guest blog post.
  21. Interview a cat.
  22. Hovercraft full of puppies.
  23. Every star has a personality and a least favourite vegetable.
  24. Everyone who has won an Oscar is a vampire.
  25. Feet actually control your whole body now.

Prompt is a fun word. It suggests a plumpness, a largeness of potential. So go and be potent.


  1. Great prompts will be sure to try them out! :)

    LottΓ© | www.lottebeautybox.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I love this list so much! It's original and kooky and so inspiring :)



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